The object of landscape lighting is not simply to light up the yard, but to highlight the good and downplay the less appealing.

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Why Landscape Lighting? If you've spent the time, money and effort to landscape your yard, you want to ensure its optimal enjoyment. If you have a busy schedule, and are generally only home in the evenings, the only time you can actually relax and enjoy your yard during the week is in the evening. The addition of lighting to the landscape allows you to see and, better yet, enjoy your beautiful yard, even when it is dark outside.

Lighting in your yard can serve many purposes. In addition to allowing you to just see the yard at night, lighting can be used for SAFETY, SECURITY, TASKS, AESTHETICS, FUNCTION, and DRAMA.

We are a full-service licensed landscape lighting contractor (Lic 870896, CLVLT) with years of experience in the design, installation, and maintenance of landscape lighting. We know the ins and outs of how to properly wire a system and we have the experience to know what works and what doesn't when it comes to illuminating your yard.

We install only top-quality fixtures, most with at least a 10 year manufacturer's warranty. We stand behind the fixtures as well as the installation, so if you EVER have any problems, we are a phone call away, and will remedy the problem quickly. We will guaranty the installation for at least 10 years as well, so if there is any problem that arises during that time that is the result of improper installation, we will fix it at no charge.

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