Sierra Boulevard

The entry signs and guard houses to this Roseville development were in need of attention. A few low voltage lights at each of the 3 entrances made these portals more visible, inviting and much safer for the guards and guests.

Stockhorse Way

This sprawling property is our largest lighting install to date. The property is not over-lit as many on this scale tend to be. Like many, these homeowners' main priorities are safety and security. These issues were addressed as well as adding form and function to the landscape. Multiple transformers allow the lighting to be zoned so that areas can be controlled independently.

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Tuscan Lane

This front yard was in real need of a lighting remodel. The previously existing system was no longer adequate for the changes in the plants and trees, and did not do the structure justice. Now the home is illuminated to show off the stone, and make the front entry more welcoming.

Vanderbilt Way

A Campus Commons courtyard recently re-landscaped. With limited space, the concept was to use the lighting to alter the perceived interior space, made possible with the French doors off the dining area. The outside patio area is a now an inviting outdoor living space.

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